the experience stays with you.

the rochester fringe festival is a multidisciplinary arts festival. it’s powerful, affecting and unforgettable. the experience stays with you, becomes a part of you—even after you return to your normal, work-a-day life. for example, in your morning routine at the coffee shop…driving down a country lane in your car…hanging out at the pool with your friends and family.

our advertising campaign highlights the importance of the fringe—and the arts in general— in our lives. it shows that art can and should be a part of the fabric of everyday life. most people don’t think about or realize just how much we are surrounded by and immersed in it. the fringe stays with you, inspires you and opens your eyes to new possibilities inside, outside and all around your life. this campaign shows that it can happen anywhere, anytime…and often when you least expect it. all the world really is a stage. and this campaign brings that idea to your everyday life, long after the stage lights have dimmed.

the best audience reaction comes from participation and true experience. who doesn’t long to be part of the show! to encourage and promote that feeling, we set up the photoshoot for our poster campaign in a real coffee shop: pour coffee parlour. we shot while the shop was open, gaining real people’s reactions and experiences as they stumbled upon art unfolding in the middle of their everyday life. little girls stood on tiptoe…grown men tripped over their own two feet…baristas poured coffee while real-life ballerinas poured coffee en pointe. in short: people were startled, amazed, baffled and delighted to be in the middle of lattes and grand jetes!

the campaign was conceived by a team of creatives, including myself, daniel jones, will strawser and greg cunneyworth of we make nice websites.

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