purls gone wild.

once upon a time, there was a tiny, jewel-box of a yarn shop called wild wools. it was tucked into a tiny corner of a funky neighborhood in rochester, ny. the shop and its owner lucinda snyder had a loyal and loving following. the wild wools experience was very different from the typical local yarn shop. but the owner needed a way to convey that message to suburban crafters and knitters who didn’t typically venture into the city. with no media budget to speak of, designer anne esse and i knew we had to think guerilla. enter the wild wooly. we recruited loyal customers dubbed “the wild bunch” to help tag and release dozens of balls of yarn into the “wild:” restaurants, shops, cafes, laundromats,  on the subway in NYC–anywhere knitting could happen. we created a blog for found woolies. we expanded the campaign to include “wild taggings,” giant handknit art installations that we created and released into the wild one chilly night in december. the installations included a knit woman and a christmas stocking tagged with wild wools signage. the campaign garnered national media attention for the yarn shop. lucinda was even contacted by a NYC literary agent who wanted to do a book on the woolies. and the campaign won best of show in the RAF addy awards. who knew a little ball of yarn could have so much impact?

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