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i get the whole wedge sneaker thing like i get the whole isabel marant thing. which is to say je l’adore. height without pain? sign me up immediamente. and you don’t have to be a rock-it scientist to see how easily this trend translates to skinny jeans. but the real genius is that the wedge works wonders with other pieces: a floaty, long dress, for example. add a slouchy, lightweight sweater, layer a couple of long necklaces, and you’ll see why wedges are made for all pursuits, trivial or otherwise.

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my mom found this theme i wrote when i was in second grade. thank god for my third grade teacher mrs. prachel who showed me that there is more to life than dusting, making beds and yes, even golf with my husband (sorry, honey). she is the person who first encouraged and inspired me to become a writer. who inspired you to do what you do?