clutch cargo to the rescue.

what do you do when your competition outspends you? you outsmart them. my creative partner anne esse and i doubled our client’s impact with a marketing strategy that included local TV spots and only appeared to include outdoor. at the same time, we combined safe driving tips with a cheesy animation technique to breathe new life into a typically dreary advertising category: personal injury law. our “talking billboards” TV spots feature our clients as larger-than-life “eyes in the sky;” observing and commenting on unsafe motorists. the creative was inspired by the “synchro-vox” animation technique used in the 1950’s cartoon clutch cargo. the spots drew immediate response: the firm received three calls and one new client within three days of the first spot’s airing. but my favorite story is the canadian guy who called the firm to say that he didn’t need a lawyer, didn’t own a car, and didn’t even live in town. but loved the spots and had to call to let them know.


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